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ST-TJ05 Transmission Jack

transmission jack

ST-TJ05 Automotive transmission jack

Every mechanic and automotive DIY hobbyists will be in need of specific heavy duty tools and accessories to efficiently and effectively perform work on cars and trucks. The same can be said for motorcycle enthusiasts. One invaluable tool in the process of building, repairing or restoring a vehicle is that of a transmission jack. Transmissions are integral aspects of a vehicle’s engineering scheme, and they are heavy! We supply several quality transmission jacks that are capable of aiding in the removal and installation of even the most robust transmissions. 

The SUTO TJ05 Transmission Jack that provides heavy lifting capabilities and top-notch construction. This trans jack is perfect for any situation which makes it the transmission service professional’s first choice.

Lifting capacity :05.T

Lowered height: 870 mm

Raised height: 1800mm

Base dimensions: 550X360X850mm





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