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ST-B390E Bus Washing Brush Drive Through System

bus washing machine

ST-B390E Bus wash brush drive through system

The Suto’s ST-B390E Computer bus washing machine brush drive through systems adopt international leading technology, fully modular design, can be combined according to different needs;
Electrical components imported from foreign known brands, Japanese Mitsubishi, Siemens process control system, the German Schneider light control sensor and drive system, safe and reliable;
Using the best car washing brush from USA, wash thoroughly and definitely not scratch the car;
Wash fast, clean and high safety and reliability;
High pressure pre-wash, bus shampoo wash.

bus wash machine


bus wash machine


bus wash machine


bus wash machine


auto wash machine


bus wash system


bus wash machine


bus wash machine


bus washing machine

Control Board

bus washing machine

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Specification of ST-B390E Bus Washing System :

* Machine Size: 12000mm × 5800mm × 4250mm

* Max Bus Size ( Width×Height): 2600mm × 3500mm

* Washing speed: 40-60 vehicles / hour

* Water consumption: 150L-200L / vehicle ( if with water recycle system, each bus only need 20-30L supplementary water )

* Electricity consumption: 0.25 Degree / vehicle

* Installed power: 16KW

* Compressed air pressure for control the brush: 0.8Mpa

* Machine Weight: 4T

* Venues requirement: 40000mm × 4000mm

SUTO factory offer a variety vehicle washing machines, could offer custom make and OEM service, we produce not only bus washing equipment, but also truck washing machine, and train wash equipment.


  1. eliud N.
    2015/08/18 at 06:03:32

    I am a young man willing to offer this kind of service in Dar es alaam Tanzania and Nairobi Kenya. would you please estimate the cost of shipping and installation? FOr example in Dar es alaam.

  2. farooq
    2014/05/27 at 01:56:31

    how much area is required for a bus wash machine


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