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ST-TR26A Automatic Tyre Changer Tilting Column

tire changer

ST-TR26A Tyre changer with right helper arm and air booster system

ST-TR26A Fully Automatic 26” tilting column type pneumatic deluxe Tyre Changer with enlarged turntable, right helper arm and air booster system, is capable of handling large rim and tyre combinations giving you a complete scope of operation including run flats and low profile tires, thanks to the ” lever-less ” technology, make the tyre changing work with ease.
Additionally, this 26” Fully Automatic Tyre Changer comes fitted with a 3 function assist arm for helping with low profile and run flat tyres. The bead roller sits around 6 inches away from the mounting head to hold the side wall down and allow easier access with your tyre lever on the mounting head. Additionally, the rotating clamp will keep the side wall in position as the turntable rotates ensuring the bead doesn’t slip back on to the rim.

The final part of the assist arm is a lower lifting disc to aid in the lifting of the lower bead. The tyre changer runs from a single phase supply and standard 13amp socket, and comes complete with operating instructions.

Built with the same robust material as the other machines in the SUTO tyre changer range this is one of the most advanced machines. The machine will allow the user to mount and demount tyres from the majority of both passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles such as transit vans up to a 26” rim when clamping internally and 23” externally, using the advanced pneumatically controlled locking system.

Car Tire Changer ST-TR26A
Pneumatic operated tilting column with right helper arm and tubeless tire inflating system
1. Full automatic pneumatic tilting column with pneumatic lock
2. Bigger and bending 3600 special rotary type shovel press the tyre at any angle
3. High strength steel pedal
4. Central positioning device make the tyre and turntable keep in one concentric circle
5.26” large turntable and powerful motor, suitable for low profile tyre
6. Quick air booster makes the tyre and rim jointed instantly, especially suitable for low profile tyre
Technical specification

Motor power 0.75kw/0.55kw/1.1kw
Power supply 220V/400V/110V
Max. Wheel diameter 45” (1143mm)
Max. Wheel width 16” (406mm)
Outside clamping 12”-23”
Inside clamping 14”-26”
Air supply 8 bar
Bead breaker force 2500kg
Noise level <75dB
Weight 345/300kg
Package size (main body) 1130x900x1030mm
Package size (help arm) 1230x450x350mm

All our tyre changers, including this 26” fully automatic tyre machine with assist arm, come complete with full alloy wheel protection kit, including hardened plastic mounting head, plastic clamping jaw covers and bead breaker protection, to prevent damage on alloy wheels. If you are doing a large amount of alloy wheels, the plastic mounting head can make sure you don’t cause damage during mount and demount.

Tilting column automotive tire changer

Tilting column pneumatic locking of both vertical and horizontal distance














automobile tyre wheel changer

Helper arm with central locking device
Tyre pressing roller
















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