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ST-5600 Truck Bus Tractor Tyre Changer

truck bus tractor tyre changers

ST-5600 truck tyre changer change tires up to 56″

ST-5600 Truck Tire Changer is an incredibly fast and efficient large tire changer. Swap out tubeless truck, agricultural and off-road tires from 14″ to 56 ” in just minutes. A portable remote control brings convenient precision to your finger tips and saves you precious time. We’ve thoroughly explored all aspects of truck wheel service to develop the quickest large tyre changer possible, so high-volume tire shops can get the speed, capability and dependability that they demand.

One Year Guarantee Truck Tyre Changer  ST-5600
Technological Features:
1. Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the clamp range from 14″-56″
2. Electrohydraulic operation
3. Movable controlling unit
4. Hydraulic motor with pressure adjustment device
5. Adjustable clamping force
6. Automatic fast turning
7. Portable console, double speed of both pump and rotating motor

Technical Parameters of ST-5600 Truck Tyre Changer:

Model No.:


Product Name

Truck Tire Changer

Technical Specification:

special for the tyre of truck, bus, tractor

Pump motor:


Rotating motor:


Clamping capacity:


Max. tire diameter:


Max. tire width:


Max. tire weight:




Package size:



truck tire changer

* Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the clamp
* Rim size available from 14-56″















bus wheel tyre changer

* Movable tyre platform controlled by the control unit
* Special for truck, bus and earth moving vehicle wheels















wheel tyre changer

* Adjustable bead breaker disk
* Double speed of both pump and rotating motor



















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    price on st 5600 tire changer and shipping to australia


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