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ST-26 Semi-Automatic Swing arm Tire Changer

tyre changer, tire changer

Enlarged turntable 26″ tire changer swing arm type

This 26” Semi Automatic Garage Tire Changer has the robust design and has the increased table capacity to handle 26” rims with internal clamping and 23” External Clamping. This tire machine offers great value whilst being able to cope easily with larger tyre and rim combinations. With a fully motorised turntable, pneumatically operated clamping jaws and powerful Pneumatic bead breaker with over 2.7 tonnes of force, this is the kind of Tyre Fitting Equipment that is going to stand you in good stead for years to come.

Product Feature:

1. Wider and bigger machine cabinet and 26″ large turntable greatly increase work strength.

2. Manual locking tire demounting arm is convenient and quick.

3. Four angle directional adjustable tire pressing shovel is suitable for pressing various low profile tires from different angles.

4. Equipped with high power motor, which increases tire demounting/mounting efficiency.

ST-26 tire machine semi-automatic tire changers specification:

Motor power
0.75kw/0.55kw/1.1 kw
Power supply
Max .wheel diameter
Max .wheel width
Outside clamping
Inside clamping
Air supply
Bead breaker force
Noise level
Package size
tyre changer, tire changer

Humanization designed mounting & demounting head












tire changer, tyre changer

Outside clamping: 12″-23″
Inside clamping: 14″-26″















tyre changer, tire changer

Bead breaker blade can be freely adjusted
Shovel with blade protector facilitate bead breaking without damaging the rim or tyre


















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  1. bruno fernandes
    2015/08/31 at 10:19:35

    what is the price and ship to portugal? im a reseller


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