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ST-R26A Run Flat Tire Changer w/Center Post, One Assist Arm, & Bead Blaster

Automatic swing arm tire changer

ST-R26A Automatic swing arm tire changer with enlarged turntable and air booster system

The Right helper Arm Flat Tire Changer ST-R26A is a commercial-grade tire changer, capable of handling the stiffest sidewalls. Quickly and easily change run-flats, low profiles, and stiff wall tires. Its extra-large clamping table makes it easy to handle the most challenging high-performance tires, combines traditional swing arm tire changer elements with advanced power assist capabilities to service everything from standard steel wheels to challenging low-profile tires on large luxury wheels.

* Wider and bigger machine cabinet and 26″ large turntable greatly increase  work strength

* Higher and longer right helper arm system extends working coverage. Pneumatic controlled tyre pressing device can be freely located at any position and prevent demounting/mounting head from scratching rim

* Pneumatic self-lock tyre demounting arm can demount and mount tire at any position.

* Four angle directional adjustable tyre pressing shovel is suitable for pressing various low profile tyres from different angles.

* Air booster system perfectly works with high power motor, which increases tyre demounting/mounting efficiency.

Passenger car tire changer ST-R26A technical specification:

Motor power 0.75kw/0.55kw/1.1kw
Power supply 220V/400V/110V
Max. Wheel diameter 45” (1143mm)
Max. Wheel width 16” (406mm)
Outside clamping 12”-23”
Inside clamping 14”-26”
Air supply 8 bar
Bead breaker force 2500kg
Noise level <75dB
Weight 270/242kg
Package size 1130x900x1030mm

SUTO ST-R26A makes tire changing tasks quick and easy. It allows a single operator to position and hold down the tire with total control – safely and efficiently. The ST-R26A has an “assist arm” to help demount the most challenging low-profile and stiff-wall tires. Its mobility allows you to position it properly on tires of all sizes and shapes and quickly complete the change.

SUTO’s tire changers are supplied with a powerful bead breaking system, providing effortless separation of the bead from the rim. At the press of a pedal, the pneumatic bead breaker applies 5500 pounds of pressure – and you’re ready to demount the tire.

The ST-R26A’s optional “duck-head” mounting head is poly-coated to protect rims. In fact, all every part that may contact the rim – rollers, shovel, and clamps, is coated with the same protective poly-based material.

The massive tower on the ST-R26A provides all of the pressure required for the “jet blast” used to seal the bead. The tower’s efficient cylindrical shape stores a greater volume of air, providing all the pressure needed for the blast - with no need for an external storage tank. This efficient design saves shop space and reduces the chance of damage to the unit.

tyre changers shop equipment

Nylon pressing roller makes it easy to demount the tyre.














tire wheel changer

Equipped with tubeless tyre inflating device
Outside clamping: 12″-23″
Inside clamping: 14″-26″















vehicle equipment tyre changing equipment

Bead breaker blade can be freely adjusted.
Shovel with blade protector facilitate bead breaking without damaging the rim or tyre
















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