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24″ Tire changer tilting column type with optional air booster system ST-TC24/ST-TC24A

tyre changer, tire changer

ST-TC24 Tilting column pneumatic deluxe tire changer

This deluxe tire changer ST-TC24 tilting column type is very popular in the market, comes standard with a wheel protection kit that includes a durable nylon bead breaker cover, wheel clamp guards, tool head guards and tire tool protector to help prevent metal-to-metal contact and costly wheel damage, air booster system is optional with a model number ST-TC24A tire changer.

Product Features:

1. Full automatic pneumatic tilting column, pneumatic locked optional position

2. 24″ large turntable and powerful motor, suitable for low profile tire

3. Equipped with high quality lifting lever, demounting/mounting head, plastic protector for tire pressing devices and pointer tire air inflator.

Technical specification of ST-TC24 tilting column tire changer garage equipment:

Motor power 0.75kw/0.55kw/1.1kw
Power supply 220V/400V/110V
Max. wheel diameter 41” (1040MM)
Max. wheel width 14” (355MM)
Outside clamping 10”-21”
Inside clamping 12”-24”
Air supply 8 bar
Bead breaker force 2500kg
Noise level <75dB
Weight 234/210kg
Package size 960x760x1030mm
tyre changer, tire changer

Tilting column pneumatic locking of both vertical and horizontal distance














tire changer, tyre changer

Equipped with tubeless tire inflating device
Outside clamping: 10″-21″
Inside clamping: 12″-24″












tire changer, tyre changer

Shovle with blade protector facilitate bead breaking without damaging the rim or tire
















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  1. Daniel Kasuza
    2016/01/12 at 22:20:54

    How much is the cost of the product including shipping to Harare Zimbabwe


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