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ST-TR24 Tilting column tyre changer with right helper arm

tyre changer, tire changer

ST-TR24 Tyre changer tilting column with right helper arm 24″

The ST-TR24 tilting column tyre changer comes standard with a wheel protection kit that includes a durable nylon bead breaker cover, wheel clamp guards, tool head guards and tire tool protector to help prevent metal-to-metal contact and costly wheel damage.

Product Features:

1. Full automatic pneumatic tilting column , pneumatic locked optional position.

2. Independent right helper arm, with pneumatic tyre lifting device with can be lifted at any position, makes it laborsaving and convenient to demount and mount tyres.

3. 360° rotary tyre pressing helper arm works with 24″ enlarged turntable and high power motor, which increase  working strength and is suitable for bigger and wider tyres. Combined type tyre pressing head has functions of lifting tyre, pressing tyre and central positioning.

ST-TR24 Tilting column tyre changer right helper arm specification:

Motor power 0.75kw/0.55kw/1.1kw
Power supply 220V/400V/110V
Max. Wheel diameter 41” (1040mm)
Max. Wheel width 14” (355mm)
Outside clamping 10”-21”
Inside clamping 12”-24”
Air supply 8 bar
Bead breaker force 2500kg
Noise level <75dB
Weight 287/256kg
Package size (main body) 960x760x1030mm
Package size (help arm) 1230x450x350mm
tyre changer, tire changer

Pneumatic locking for both vertical and horizontal distance














tyre changer, tire changer

Centering locking device
Outside clamping: 10″-21″
Inside clamping: 12″-24″















tyre changer, tire changer

Right helper arm with central locking device















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