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ST-2P-35E/40E Two Post Car Lift ( electrical release )

two post auto lift

ST-2P-35E/40E Automotive two post lift 3.5/4.0 Ton

Electrical release garage lift equipment

* 5mm “international standard” column steel plates made in Shanghai.

* 8mm brace arm and 6mm Internal sliding column, never deform.

* Wearable, Anti-High temperature, high strength oiliness macromolecule nylon slide block.

* Require no less than 150mm cement on the ground, At least C25.

* Double safe antiskid device, from column ladder safe to close protection by dynamic hydraulic pressure, single side electrical release, ensure double safe staying for vehicles.

* ABS Control box, 24V operation system, manual lock release for emergency lowering valve.

* Endure Max 5 T destructive testing , fulfill 3.5T/4T actual working conditions.

* Chain style pulling device.

* Total Mold tooling technology, to ensure the conformity of both many a holes and welding places.

* Digital control raw materials processing center ensure the discrepancies at % stage & product consistency.

* Double cylinder dynamic hoist drive device, capacity is more than 3.5T/4T.

* Aluminum pump device , running time without any break down for at least 40,000 H.

Technical Parameter

Model:  ST-2P-35E/40E  2 post car lift

Capacity:    3500/4000kgs,  7700/8800lbs

Lift height:  1900mm

Rise time:  50 / 52 ( S )

Drop time:   22 ( S )

Motor power:    2.2kw

Power supply:  380/220V

Machine Height:   2832  / 2826mm

Machine  Width:  3166  / 3166mm

Frame Width:   3420   / 3420mm

two post auto lift




















two post car lift



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  1. Dial Ryan
    2015/06/15 at 20:33:32

    wat is the price for the two post car lift? I live in Suriname (south America)

  2. Othman
    2015/01/13 at 09:55:09

    Hi could you please forward me ST-2P-35E/40E 2 post car lift price.


  3. Manuel Pauvif
    2014/11/10 at 15:10:52

    Hi, we are looking to re-new and expand our car shop with brand new equipments and would like to get a quote from you of the following equipment:
    ST-2P-35E/40E Two Post Car Lift ( Electrical Release )
    ST-860 Car Wheel Balancer LCD Display
    ST-R24 Pneumatic Tire Changer With Right Helper Arm, Semi-Automatic Swing Type
    ST-3D602 Four Wheel Aligner, 3D Wheel Alignment System
    ST-DJ-2P35/40 Scissor Vehicle Lift 7700/8800 Lbs


    2014/01/17 at 09:13:20

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    According to our customer’s requirement, i would like your help to offer price of Two post car lift 4 tons x 1 unit and Four post list car 4-5 tons x 1 unit.

    Thank you so much for your kind support.

    Best regards,
    Tel: 855 89 36 53 54
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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