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ST-M24 Motorcycle Tyre Changer Swing Arm

swing arm motorcycle tyre changer

ST-M24 Swing arm tyre changer for motorcycle

* Semi-automatic, suit for car, motorcycle, innovative and luxury appearance, superior quality and perfect design

* Special de-mounting/mounting head for motorcycle makes it convenient and quick to demount and mount motorcycle tyre

* Special motorcycle adaptor is suitable for clamping various motorcycle tyres

* Manual locking tyre de-mounting arm is convenient and quick

The ST-M24 Motorcycle tyre changer is a great performing basic tire changer for entry level tire and wheel service. It allows you to service most all OEM and specialty tires and wheels up to 24″ with convenient up-front foot pedals that give you precise control during all wheel service procedures. The ST-M24 comes standard with a wheel protection kit that includes a durable nylon bead breaker cover, wheel clamp guards, tool head guards and tire tool protector to help prevent metal-to-metal contact and costly wheel damage.
Passenger Cars Tyre Changer with Semi-automatic side swing arm Car Tire Changer » ST-M24
Semi-automatic side swing arm

Motor power 0.75kw/0.55kw/1.1kw
Power supply 220V/400V/110V
Max. wheel diameter 41” (1040MM)
Max. wheel width 14” (355MM)
Outside clamping 6”-24”
Inside clamping 12”-20”
Air supply 8 bar
Bead breaker force 2500kg
Noise level <75dB
Weight 195/171kg
Package size 960x760x930mm
motorcycle tire changer

Humanization designed mounting & de-mounting head special for motorcycle














motorcycle tyre changers

Clamping: 6″-24″













motorcycle tyre changers

Adjustable clamp suitable for motorcycle
















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