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ST-45V Car Tyre Vulcanizer

car tyre vulcanizer

ST-45V car tyre vulcanizing equipment

Car Tyre vulcanizer & vulcanizing board for car tyre hot patching are specially designed for 145-275 tyres;
It is equipped with movable switches, auto-temperature-control device, changeable;
Vulcanizing board with 6 pieces for tyre sides, tyre coronets and tyre shoulders;
220v single-phase power, easy to operate, strong & efficient, really a most economic & substantial tyre maintenance equipment.


* Power supply/voltage:  220V/50Hz
* Max. current:  6A
* Insulation resistance:   <5Ω
* Power consumption:   140-150℃


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  1. arturo
    2013/11/12 at 17:14:14

    how much is the price i want tire vulcanized can you send me the price plz


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