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ST-20V Tyre Vulcanizer

tyre vulcanizer

ST-20V Tyre vulcanizer

With special quick-clamp & pressure & movable heating device, matching with many kinds of special-shaped heating heads, it makes operation more convenient and quicker. Completely auto electronic temperature-controlling device prevents it from aging caused by overheating.

Easy, one person operation, including quick adjust tightening device.

* Power supply /voltage: 220V/50Hz
* Power : 1000W
* Single-heating power: 500W
* Max. current:  10A
* Vulcanizing-temperature(shoe) : 140℃-150℃
* Vulcanizing-temperature(tube):  120℃-130℃


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  1. keith
    2013/11/17 at 03:07:02

    please supply price $au for ST-20V Tyre Vulcanizer shipped to my address in western australi


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