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ST-07COD Coin-Operated Digital Tyre Inflation Station

digital tyre inflator

ST-07COD Coin-operated digital tire inflation system

* The unit needs a coin/s input signal to activate

* Auto-Start Inflation

* Suit for: Motorcycle, Car, Light Truck


ST-07COD Coin-Operated Tyre Inflation Station Technical Data Summary

Dimensions (Height*Width*Depth)      1260mm*450mm*380mm49.6″*17.7″*15.0″

Packing Size (Height*Width*Depth)     1380mm*730mm*510mm 54.3″*28.7″*20.1″

Net Weight                                                 35KG/77lbs

Gross Weight                                             46KG/101.2lbs

Power Requirement                                 100-240Vac   50/60HZ

Power Consumption                                10VA

Operating Temperature Range              -20℃/-4°F to 70℃/158°F

MaxInletAir Supply                                     145PSI/10bar/1000kPa

Operating Range                                       5-102PSI/0.3-7bar/35-700kPa

Accuracy                                                      ±1PSI/0.07bar/7kPa

Resolution                                                  1PSI/0.1bar/5kPa

Units of Measurement                              PSI/bar/kPa


ST-07COD Digital Tyre Inflation Station Specifications:

1. Auto-start inflation

2. Automatic zero drift adjustment

3. Remain at last setting

4. Audible and visual end of the cycle signal indicators

5. Large backlight LCD display

6.Vandal resistant mechanical switches

7.1 Nos.*10M/32.8ft filling hose

8. Locking access door with one lock

9. Door recessed for extra strength and additional weatherproofing

10. The unit needs a coin/s input signal to activate

11. Number of coins to activate machine was factory set

12. Amount of time per coin is adjustable

13. The coin/s remaining time will be displayed on the second LCD

14. Number of coins put through the machine can be displayed on the second LCD when turn on the unit

15. Options available: stainless steel cabinet


ST-07COD Coin-Operated Digital Tyre Inflation Station Operation Steps:

1. Input coin to activate the unit.

2. Set final target pressure using the + and – buttons. The LCD screen will show the target pressure.

3. Connect air hose to tyre valve stem.

4. When unit “beeps” and the LCD screen flashes the target pressure, tyre inflation is complete.

5. If tyre has zero pressure, the “FILL” button must be pressed to commence inflation.



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