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ST-B500 Car Spray Booth

spray booth

ST-B500 standard automobile paint spray boot

Inside Dimension

7200×3900×2700mm (L×W×H)

Outside Dimension

7340×5350×3470mm (L×W×H)

Main door 3-fold, 3000X2650mm (W×H)
Personal door 1-fold, 800X2000mm   (W×H)
Wall panel

EPS heat preservation panel double skinned ,tongue and groove construction, thickness: 70mm, roof panel: 60mm EPS heat preservation plate

Basement and floor

Complete steel assemble, height:300mm, complete grille, 3pcs of ramp,900×2000mm (W×L)


Upper inclined lights:32PcsX36W;Lower lights:2Pcs×10unitsX36W;Vertical installation, Illuminance:800Lux

Generator setting type

Back upper intake air, back upper extract air, aluminium alloy frame, coated steel.

Intake fan

1 centrifugal fan,7.5KW,capacity:21000m³/h

Extract fan

1 centrifugal fan,7.5KW,capacity:21000m³/h

Heating system

Riello RG5S oil burner,260000Kcal, Stainless steel heat exchanger, highest temperature 80℃, electric damper execute from spraying to baking cycle

Filter system

Prefilter, high efficiency filter(ceiling filter), floor filter, extract filter

Control system

Spraying, risen-temperature spraying, baking temperature, time setting, lighting switch, time accumulator, pressure Gauge, emergency stop, failure alarm, temperature control meter

Total power


Paint room working principle is generally used for paint spraying and baking, widely used in automobile, machinery, hardware, furniture, chemical industry, the workpiece surface paint job.

SUTO spray booth meet the requirement of high level spray painting, bring safe, healthy, bright, comfortable working environment to paint masters.

Our Automotive and Motorcycle Paint Spray Booths include Crossdraft, Crossflow, Semi-Down Draft, Side Down draft, and Down-Draft type Spray Booths. We also have Paint Mixing Rooms and Prep Stations. We have Leasing Options Available as well as Full Warranty. Our Automotive Paint Booths are of the highest quality and come with Warranty. If you do not see what you are looking for, Contact Us freely as we can get it custom made.


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  1. Ozcan
    2013/11/18 at 10:44:42

    Dear sir I want to this model price for libya I have new auto service want to from china tihis cabin .


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