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ST-XJ-P30/35 Scissor Vehicle Underground Lift 3.0/3.5 Ton

Automotive Scissor Lift

6600/7700 lbs. Capacity Scissor Car Lift

This full rise small scissor lift is applicable for lifting, detecting, repairing and maintenance of various cars and other small vehicles.

* This lift adopts hidden flat-plate structure, which occupy little space. And it is equipped with Italian hydraulic pump station.

* It is with mechanical dual-gear safety-claw lock and hydraulic lock bringing about double safety, which will automatically start when going down.

* High quality, safe and reliable, running synchronously and smoothly, convenient for both tyre changing and chassis maintenance.

* It implements hidden-underground design and is equipped with anti foot-crush alarm device.

* It functions with 24V electric control box and 24V limit switch in accordance with the CE certification standards.

* When reach 500 mm above ground, the control cabinet will alarms to assure the safety of the staff around.

* It uses pneumatic-driven lock device, anti-crack valve and Italian ball valve as its standard components.

* The elongated track device (optional) can make the lift available for long vehicles.

* We strictly implement the 115% dynamic and 150% static testing standards to ensure the safe operation of every lift.

Technical Parameter

Model:   ST-XJ-P30/35 automotive scissor lift

Capacity: 3000kg/3500kg  ( 6600/7700 lbs )

Rise/Drop time:60/45 ( S )

Lifting height :2130mm

Platform length:1550mm-1750mm(optional )

Platform width:550mm

Min height:330mm

Power Supply:  380V/220V

Motor Power:2.2Kw

Hydraulic oil: 46# wear-resistant hydraulic oil

scissor auto lift

















automotive lift scissor lifting

Foundation Requirements


















Foundation requirements of Scissor car lifts:

* Concrete type 425#, Dry period 15 days.

* To clear the foundation pit surface, the thickness of the pit bottom of the concrete should be not less than 150mm.

* Two foundation pit level degrees should be no more than 5mm.

* Embedded console to the foundation pit and two pit should be not less than Φ100mm, convenient for the combination of PVC pipe, tubing the trachea and wires.

* Power connected to the console ( 380V and 220V 15A ).

* Compressed air intake manifold connected to the console ( Φ8×6mm ).

* The foundation concrete thickness and critical levels are of great importance, you can not over rely to the machine’s own regulate ability.


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