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ST-XJ-M30 Middle Rise Scissor Lift

scissor car lift

Ultra thin scissor lift

* Scissor structure with floor installation, convenient for tyre operation and wheelbase maintenance.

* Underground installation or direct to use without installation.

* Pneumatic lock release, considerably reduce the noise when the machine is running.

* Anti-skidding diamond platform, to prevent vehicle side sliding.

* 24V low voltage control system.

* We strictly implement the 115% dynamic and 150% static testing standards to ensure the safe operation of every lift.

* CE certificated.

Technical data of ST-XJ-M30 Middle rise scissor car lift:

Capacity: 3000kg  ( 6600 lbs )

Rise/Drop time:< 50 ( S )

Lifting height :1000mm

Min height:110mm

Power Supply:  380V/220V, 50Hz

Motor Power:2.2Kw

Oil Pressure: 18Mpa

scissor car lift

Plan of dimension ( click for big pic )











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  1. Eng. Salah Al Yafai
    2015/12/06 at 12:53:05

    Dear Sir
    I have reviewed your site and mail I want to buy a Ultra thin scissor lift model ST-XJ-M30
    To be identical specifications as required by the Saudi market 220-240V 60 Hz
    And the initial quantity required 10 units to make sure that the specifications and suitability for the work of the Saudi market. To be a drag lever at a rate of 20-25 units per month.
    Hopefully, if approved Send bid price FOP to the Dry Port in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    And we hope to send a quote for your products by other minimal amounts for purchase. Where we have a partner wants to expand work with you that we found that the quality of your products may compete Saudi market.

    Best regards!

    Eng. Salah Al Yafai
    Mobile +966509334020
    E-Mail :

  2. Charles Sammut
    2015/09/16 at 21:48:10

    could you please provide me with the price of a single phase 220-240V short rice car lift approx 3000Kg


  3. jose ramon
    2014/05/04 at 17:21:10

    hola podría decirme el precio de este elevador ST-XJ-M30 mas los portes y derechos de aduanas también formas de pago aceptadas gracias


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