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ST-L10X-3.5ton One post hydraulic-pneumatic car lift

hydraulic one post lift 3.5 ton

Single post inground lift


One post car lift, inground lift, single post car lift, unique vehicle lift for: Tyre service, chassis service, car washing, car body repair

Pneumatic-hydraulic lift, Waterproof, Electricity proof, 360 degree turning, sinking install, space saving.

X type support arm

Lifting weight:           3.5T
Lifting Height:      1800mm
Power requirements:    5~10bar
X-arm:  900mm*2400mm
Hydraulic cylinder: 330mmm-270mm
Station space:   3000mm*6000mm
inground car lift
one post lift construction
underground car lift hydraulic
one post car lift material
one post lift package
car wash store one post lift
Single post vehicle lift
one post vehicle lifts

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  1. Vincent Sons
    2015/12/18 at 13:29:01

    ST-L10X – can I purchase the top adjustable arms separate from the tube?

  2. Mr Olanrewaju
    2015/11/25 at 11:48:02


    Do you have distributors in Africa?

    How much is X-arm one post inground 4 ton car lift?

    Thank you.

  3. pranjal
    2015/11/07 at 12:02:41

    please let me know its price and its availability

  4. Raymond
    2015/06/17 at 02:53:01

    Whata the cost ($) of aquiring ST-L10H One post lift inground lift.

    ST-L10X-3.5ton One Post Hydraulic-Pneumatic Car Lift



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