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New !! Computer Controlled Mobile Column lift with digital display

mobile column lift

ST-DML30-16500lbs Digital display mobile column lift with 7.5 ton capacity per column

ST-DML30-16500lbs Computer controlled mobile column lift can be used indoor and outdoor, delivering maximum flexibility, productivity and safety in heavy duty bus truck lifting, the master column shall be capable of operating any combination of columns (2/4/6/8 or more), with different combination can lift from 20-60 tons, capable for all heavy vehicle lifting jobs a workshop is likely to see. our new style lift could display lift heights for all 4 columns, which is more user friendly, and we improved the bus truck lift much more in detail.

* Automatic compensation in high and low level of the lifting forks to keep the vehicle in balance when lifting.

* Message display in case of equipment faulty, or lift up and down.

* Achieve dozens of function which including synchronization, debugging, emergency up and down.

* The use of unset stressed balance wheel design to keep the equipment more stable and safety when working.

* High quality T type screw by special fabrication processing and heat treatment.

* Supplement with specific lubricating oil which can reduce noise and attrition, and increase machine lifetime.

bus lift digital display

Digital display lift heights for all columns

mobile column lift

Dust proof















mobile column lifts

User friendly puller

mobile column bus truck lift










mobile column lift support

7.5 Ton support













ST-DML30 Mobile column bus truck lift 30 Ton capacity Technical Parameter:



Total lifting weight


Lifting weight per column


Lifting Height


Lifting speed


Motor power


Working voltage


Net weight


Package size


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  1. Michael Prunty
    2015/06/19 at 21:44:06

    Hi there,
    I am looking to source a set of 4 column lifts for use in truck repairs.
    ST-DML30 looks good. What price per set of 4 ?
    FJK Ltd

  2. gautam
    2015/06/02 at 10:45:58

    i would like to purchase column bus lifter and i like to know price quotation


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