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ST-NA53 Handheld Nitrogen Analyser

nitrogen analyser

ST-NA53 handheld nitrogen analyser

ST-NA53 Handheld tyre nitrogen analyser is an unique tools on the market.

* Simple to operate-one button operation

* Auto power-off function

* Replaceable battery and sensor

* The Nitrogen Analyser gives you the actual nitrogen percentage in your tyres


ST-NA53 Technical Data Summary

Measurement Range:                         0-100 % Nitrogen
Display Resolution:                             0.1 vol %

Measurement Cycle:                           0.5 secs

Response Time 90%:                         less than 2 seconds

Auto Off Time Delay:                           5 mins

Accuracy:                                             +/- 0.5 vol% from 0 to 50 vol%
+/- 2 vol% from 50-99 vol%

Operating Temperature:                     0℃/32°F to 50℃/122°F

Sensor Life:                                          24 months

BatteryType:                                          9v 6LR61 Alkaline


Compressed air is your tire’s worst enemy. Air is about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other. Nitrogen is inert, non combustible and non corrosive. Oxygen, on the other hand, is immensely destructive to rubber and other tire materials. As soon as a tire is manufactured and exposed to air, the effects of “oxidation” begin to deteriorate the rubber. Over time it loses its elasticity and strength, just like an old rubber band you’ve probably found around your home. This same process occurs in tires inflated with air as the oxygen attacks the rubber molecules, working from the inside out, until the oxygen, and its destructive properties, permeates the tire structure and ultimately the tread.


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