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ST-D28A2 Double assist arm tyre changer 28″ garage equipment

tyre changer, tire changer

Enlarged turntable 28″ swing arm tyre changer with double helper arms

This genuine 28” Semi Automatic Tyre Changer with double assist arms and has been specifically designed for the American market. It has the same robust design and build quality as all Suto Tyre Changers but has the increased table capacity to handle 28” rims internal clamping and 26” External Clamping.
With its semi automatic operation, this tyre machine offers great value whilst being able to cope easily with some larger tyre and rim combinations. With a fully motorised turntable, pneumatically operated clamping jaws and powerful Pneumatic bead breaker with over 2.5 tonnes of force, this is the kind of Tyre Fitting Equipment that is going to stand you in good stead for years to come.

Product Features:

1. Wider and bigger machine cabinet and 26″ large turntable greatly increase work strength.

2. Higher and longer right/left helper arms system extends working coverage. Pneumatic controlled tyre pressing device can be freely lifted  and located at any position.

3. Tyre pressing roller of right helper arm always protects tyre and rim.

4. Multi-function helper arm has central positioning function which can make wheel and turntable homocentric.

5. 360°  rotary combined type tyre pressing head and high power motor and suitable for demounting and mounting bigger and wider high class tyres.

6. Air booster system make low profile tyre and rim sealed instantly.

ST-D28A2 Double helper arm 28″ garage workshop tyre changer equipment specification:

Motor power
Power supply
Max .wheel diameter
Max .wheel width
Outside clamping
Inside clamping
Air supply
Bead breaker force
Noise level
Package size
tyre changer, tire changers

Nylon pressing roller makes it easy to demount the tyre














tyre changers, tire changer

Pneumatic lifting device makes it easy to raise the low profile tyre
Outside clamping:12″-26″ / Inside clamping: 14-28″
















tyre changer, tire changers

Pneumatic controlled tyre pressing device and nylon pressing roller suitable for the low profile tyre



















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