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Car Tyre Spreader

Tyre Spreader

ST-M725 Manually Tyre Spreader
ST-S725 Air-operated tyre spreader

ST-M275 Vertical Manual Tire Spreader:
1. 360° Swivel Top
2. Adjustable Tire Spreaders
3. 4 tilt settings
4. Vertical manually-operated tire spreaders are used for all Types of tires from cars till light trucks.


ST-S275 Vertical Air-operated Car Tire Spreader
The vertical air-operated car tire spreader (with lying base) is designed for tyre fix, spread and lift when repairing truck tires. The available operations include tire inspecting, cutting, buffing, dust suctioning, inserting tubes and patching.
The wider platform offers a more stable work surface. The adjustable light increases visibility inside the tire. All makes the repairing work more quick and convenient.

Technical Parameters of ST-S275 Vertical Air-operated Car Tire Spreader:

Apply to tire 145~275
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 6~10kg/cm2

* The unusually used is two claws tire spreader. We can also offer four claws tire spreader.
* The outer claw hook of the two claws tire spreader can revolve along with the gas cylinder and move to and fro together with the piston-rod.
* The inner claw hook of the four claws tire spreader can revolve along with the front cylinder and the outer claw hook. It can shrink and expand along the diameter direction driven by the rear cylinder and the connecting rod. When lifted to the center of the frame foundation, and hooked with both the inner and outer claw hooks to the mouth on the tire’s two sides, the tires can be pulled forward by the claw hook and move away from each other.


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