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Full Automatic Tyre Changer ST-A300

automatic tyre changer

ST-A300 Touchless tire changer full automatic with central positioning flange

The ST-A300 full automatic hydraulic and pneumatic deluxe tyre changer is the most advanced Tire changers in the world!.  The entire system operates as one to safely and easily change today’s toughest new performance tires.


*  Full automatic movable central positioning flange platform system is suitable for toughest low-profile and run-flat tires

* Full automatic hydraulic 360 degrees rotary steel tire demounting hook can demount tyre without lever.

* Full hydraulic combined pressing disk and nylon pressing roller make tyre and rim detached instantly.

* Full pneumatic tyre pressing combined arms can press tyre with visualized operation. They also have central positioning function.

* Pneumatic tire elevator moves tire up and down freely.

* High resolution camera and 8″ VGA LCD visualization system lets operator to monitor and control tyre demounting operation. Imported hydraulic pump station and reverse switch.

* Equipped with nylon protection rubber bar, anti-skidding pedal.

* Quick air booster system make low profile tyre and rim sealed instantly.

* Full automatic operation control and clamping rim size 10″-30″ are specially suitable for big size tyres, anti-flat tyres, RV tyres and big vacuum tyres.


Technical specification

Motor power 0.75kw/0.55kw/1.1kw
Power supply 220V/400V/110V
Max. Wheel diameter 50” (1250mm)
Max. Wheel width 22” (558mm)
Rim diameter 10”-30”
Air supply 8~12 bar
Bead breaker force 1400kg
Hydraulic pressure 100bar
Noise level <75dB
Weight 660/573kg
Package size 1700x1150x1750mm

SUTO’s versatile ST-A300 tire changer makes tire changing tasks quick and easy. It allows a single operator to mount and demount a tire without the need for a Tire bar!

SUTO tire changers are supplied with a powerful bead breaking system, providing effortless separation of the bead from the rim. At the press of a pedal, the pneumatic bead breaker applies 5500 pounds of pressure – and you’re ready to demount the tire.

tire changer, tyre changer

Fully pneumatic and hydraulic controlled mounting & demounting head can be rotated by 360 degrees and moving back and forth















vehicle tyre changer

8″ color VGA LCD and high resolution camera which enable the operators to control the correct position and avoid errors.
















automotive tire changers

Hydraulic controlled tyre pressing and lifting devices are specially suitable for low profile tyres 10″-30″ with pneumatic tyre elevator wheel lift platform



















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