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22″ Tyre pressure testing machine ST-TPT22

tyre pressure testing machine

ST-TPT22 tyre pressure testing machine 22″

This tyre pressure testing machine is ideal for every workshop or used tyre dealers. It is used to detect any defects of tyres like side bubbles or punctures in a quick and efficient way. A skilled operator may test around 500 tyres in a working day. It can test tyres in the range of 13-22 inches and comes with three pairs of discs for different sizes.

Technical specification of ST-TPT22 tyre pressure testing machine

Pneumatic System

  • Air supply pressure 6 – 9 bar
  • Required efficiency of supply system 0,2 m3/cycle
  • Degree of protection IP XX

Electrical System

  • Supply voltage 230V
  • Rated current 3,2 A
  • Motor power 0,37 kW
  • Motor speed 1320 rot-1


  • Height 150 cm
  • Width 76 cm
  • Length 230 cm
  • Weight 260 kg


  • Balanced noise level 78 dB
  • Maximum noise level (A) 88 dB (A)
  • Peak noise level (C) 93 dB (C)


  • Working temperature 5 do 40°C
  • Storage temperature -20 do 45°C
  • Floor maximum slope (stable work ) 3°
  • Lubricant ŁT – 43, ŁT – 42

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  1. Greg
    2015/11/19 at 17:49:44


    How much for this machine (ST-TPT22 tyre pressure testing machine 22″) delivered to the United States at postal code 07001 (Avenel, NJ).

    Thank you in advance for your time,
    Atlantic Tire & Supply
    Avenel, NJ 07001

  2. Charlie
    2015/11/06 at 01:42:18

    hello my name is Charlie
    i work for lube techz tire shop
    and the owner would like a quote for
    ST-TPT22 tyre pressure testing machine 22″
    with shipping to Edmonton Alberta Canada

  3. Naveed Mohiuddin
    2015/09/22 at 13:39:35

    I am interesting to buy a tyres pressure testing machine from 15″ to 22″
    Please provide me detailes and price about it.
    Warmline business ltd
    Unit 9
    Paslow hall farm
    King street

  4. Gideon
    2015/08/25 at 07:00:51

    Can you give me price for ST-TPT22

  5. touch stone tyres
    2015/08/12 at 15:19:38

    please send me a price for pressure test machine

  6. mr. bill milligan
    2015/07/12 at 22:50:44

    I would like prices and shipping information on the st.tpt22.

  7. VV Nair
    2014/12/21 at 10:01:18

    Kindly let me know approximate cost of T-TPT22 tyre pressure testing machine 22″ for my field repair workshop

  8. ramiz
    2014/12/17 at 02:09:54

    hi would like to know if u deliver to Canada and price for22″ Tyre Pressure Testing Machine ST-TPT22. thanks

  9. quick tires recycling
    2014/05/26 at 00:33:54

    If I buy this machine what is the method of payment, do I pay when the machine gets to my shop?
    because I am very interested in this machine

  10. Bojan Rudl
    2014/04/04 at 06:55:53

    Hello there.
    Looking for tire testing machine .. I wonder if it is in Europe where and at what price can buy such a machine. Please info because the machine need urgently.
    Thanks and best regards, Bojan Rudl

  11. Robert
    2013/10/23 at 23:12:57

    How much for a 22″ tyre pressure testing machine shipped to missouri u.s.?

  12. lee
    2013/10/22 at 06:47:10

    hi how much for 22″ tyre tester delivered to uk

    many thanks lee

  13. paul
    2013/10/21 at 19:53:34

    what is price

  14. David Foster
    2013/10/08 at 22:42:45

    Can you please send me a quote for the 22″ Tyre pressure testing machine ST-TPT22. Can I buy a second hand one too?

    Thanks and regards,


  15. Atlantis TIre
    2013/07/24 at 00:28:18

    22″ Tyre Pressure Testing Machine ST-TPT22

    how much for this machine shipped to Germany for USA final destination, 110 volts


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