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ST-TPT19 Tire Pressure Tester

tire pressure testing machine

19″ tire pressure tester ST-TPT19

Tire testing machine commonly called tester used to test the defects of used tires, a carcass for  retreading, punctures of various types, tire tread shoulder defects., (blisters), cord bending, that is- all defects which qualify a tire for fixing or which eliminate it from further use.

Tire pressure tester with the set of disks of 13” to 19” diameter with the rotation drive of the tested tyre, with pneumatic locking latch.

This device is indispensable in tire warehouses, is a very convenient tool for those who need it to be moved from one place to the other as it is light and handy, a skilful operator is able to test about 500 tyres during a working day.

Technical specification of ST-TPT19 tire pressure tester

Pneumatic System

  • Air supply pressure 6 – 9 bar
  • Required efficiency of supply system 0,12 m3/cycle
  • Degree of protection IP XX
  • Safety valve 4 bar

Electrical System

  • Supply voltage 230V
  • Rated current 1,72 A
  • Motor power 0,18 kW
  • Motor speed 1380 rot-1


  • Height 140 cm
  • Width 76 cm
  • Length 211 cm
  • Weight 140 kg


  • Balanced noise level 78 dB
  • Maximum noise level (A) 88 dB (A)
  • Peak noise level (C) 93 dB (C)


  • Working temperature 5 do 35°C
  • Storage temperature -20 do 45°C
  • Floor maximum slope (stable work ) 3°
  • Lubricant ŁT – 43, ŁT – 42

tire pressure testing machine

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  1. Sam HAN
    2015/10/14 at 09:31:20

    Dear Mr. Alex Yu

    We are interested in ST-TP19/22 for Korea market.

    I would appreciate if you give me the price of ST-TP19/22.

    I think you can make a loading by 20FT container.

    So, please make a price based on CNF Busan, Korea.

    If possible, we would like to import 5 machines first.

    Best regards

    MP ; +44 (0)7876 568512
    Skype ; samhanuk

  2. Bojan Rudl
    2014/04/03 at 14:14:25

    I am interested in the pressing masin tracks up to 22 inches. I am interested in the price and delivery time for Slovenia or any other address in Europe.
    I expect a response
                                                               Bojan Rudl

  3. Cosmin
    2014/01/26 at 19:11:43

    Hi. How much will cost st-tpt19??
    Can you deliver to London?

  4. Shakeel
    2013/12/09 at 08:43:25

    ST-TPT19 Tire Pressure Tester,

    Please send me FOB price for this machine.


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