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How to choose a garage post lift ?

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This guide will help you decide which car lift might be suitable for you.

1 To choose the right car lift for your needs, you should approach a specialist in this field. You can visit a website to help you confirm which car hoist might be suitable for your needs.

2 Determine what car/cars that you will be using on the car hoist.

3 Determine the weights of the car/cars that will be used on the car lift. This will help in deciding which lift will be appropriate in regards to lifting capacity.A common question that companies will ask is whether the car hoists are intended for use in a home environment or a mechanical workshop. This question will help the user in deciding on what features they may want in a hoist.

4 Now determine with the specialist whether you require a 2 post car lift or a 4 post car lift. 2 post car hoists are great for easy access when working on cars and 4 post hoists can be great for parking if you need more space in your garage.

5 From here you can determine if choosing a two post car hoist, whether a floor plate model or a clear floor gantry model is more suitable.

6 After discussing your needs for your car hoist with a specialist, determine what lifting capacity you require. For example if working on predominantly small cars around 1200Kg to 2500Kg a 3 tonne hoist would be suitable. If working on a larger vehicle or four wheel drives, it is recommend using a 3500Kg to 4000Kg car hoist.

7 Assess the thickness of your concrete slab.(4 inches is recommended as a minimum thickness)

8 Assess the height of the garage or workshop you have in order to ensure the type of hoist you have will fit in the workspace.

9 Check out the warranties on the products.TipsAlways try to determine whether a 2 post or 4 post lift is best for you.
Check the ceiling height of the premises where the hoist will be installed.
Check the thickness of your concrete slab before purchasing a car hoist.
Check what warranty is available for the product.



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